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About Café Thorium

Fresh Brew

March 2017-
6 year update on Our Radioactive Ocean and findings off west coast

March 2016-
5 Years Later, Fukushima Radiation Continues to Seep Into the Pacific Ocean

January 2016-
Higher Levels of Cesium Detected Offshore

March 2015- 6 Minute Video on Fukushima and Our Radioactive Ocean

August 2014
- Ocean Radioactivity Letter to the Editor

May 2014- Crowdsourcing Fukushima Update

January 2014
- How radioactive is our ocean?

November 2013- Fukushima fallout: WHOI senior scientist studies irradiated water
September 2013- Fukushima FAQ's

August 2013- Update on Fukushima Power Plant

August 2013- Plant Begins Pumping Contaminated Water

» August 2013- New Fukushima Emergency
» May 2013- Studying Water Off Fukushima

» May 2013- Center for Marine and Environmental Radioactivity

» May 24, 2013- Nuclear Watch: Fukushima Sea Survey

» May 9, 2013 public event-
Fukushima and the Ocean

Living Lab

» April 29, 2013- The Challenges of Disaster Follow-Up Research, Ken Buesseler and Chris Reddy on Living Lab with Heather Goldstone, WCAI Cape and Islands National Public Radio

» March 2013- Japan fishing crippled 2 years after tsunami

» March 2013- Recalling Fukushima Effects on Ocean

» January 2013- Seafloor Sediments as Ceramic Glazes, Ken Buesseler on Living Lab with Heather Goldstone, WCAI Cape and Islands National Public Radio

» November 14, 2012 public event- Fukushima and the Ocean

» October 2012- Fishing for Answers off Fukushima

» August 2012- Science Made Public: Consequences for the Ocean of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident- Talk at WHOI

» April 2012- Fukushima-derived radionuclides in the ocean and biota off Japan. PNAS
Fukushima Radiation Moving Across Pacific Ocean. Huffington Post
» March 2012- What the Fukushima accident did to the ocean. CNN Op-ed
» December 2011- Assessing Fukushima's Impact on the Ocean   Researchers assess radioactivity released to the ocean from the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power facility
» May 2011- RAPID response grant awarded to study radionuclide levels from Fukushima
» May 2011- WHOI and Buesseler named to top of citation list for publications since 2000 in oceanography
» April 26, 2011- Japan's irradiated waters: How worried should we be? CNN Opinion by Ken Buesseler
» April 13, 2011- Ocean Radioactivity Interview with Ken Buesseler on The Point with Mindy Todd, WCAI Cape and Islands National Public Radio

» 2011- ISIS Consortium Web Site Launched

Past Brew highlights from the Cafe Thorium


Café Thorium is not really a cafe although we have been known to serve espresso & latte throughout the worlds major ocean basins. In fact, we are a serious scientific research team in the Department of Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Thorium is just one of many radioactive elements we measure. We analyze samples for both natural and man made radionuclides.

» For a fun article about our work, check out this short piece on serving espresso and science on the high seas (PDF).

» Here’s a short course in how Thorium helps us learn about how the ocean works.

Meet the gang of scientists, students and associates of the Café Thorium and find out how to contact us to learn more or simply tell us what you like and use on our web site

Services & Facilities
While our T-shirt sales have been temporarily halted, the Café Thorium does provide radioanalytical services for the detection of natural and man-made radionuclides in environmental samples. We also have an archive of large volume (50 liter) seawater samples from the 1950’s-1980 that can be available for the right scientific project.


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