Past "Fresh" Brew

» 2010- See Ken's interview on the "twilight zone", posted on Nature's Simply Science education web site, and another twilight zone story for "Environ Minute".
» June 2009- Thorium-234 as a tracer of spatial, temporal and vertical variability in particle flux in the North Pacific published in Deep-Sea Research I
» May 2009- Shedding light on processes that control particle export and flux attenuation in the twilight zone of the open ocean published in Limnology and Oceanography

» July 2008-DSRII volume published: Understanding the Ocean's Biological Pump
» Ocean Iron Fertilization Symposium, September 26 and 27, 2007
  » August 2007- An assessment of the use of sediment traps for estimating upper ocean particle fluxes published in Journal of Marine Research
» April 2007 - Revisiting Carbon Flux Through the Ocean's Twilight Zone published in Science
» Press Release: Ocean's ‘Twilight Zone' Plays Important Role in Climate Change