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Research Cruises

June/July 2004, Honolulu to Honolulu for our first VERTIGO cruise web site, with daily updates, project info and something about the scientists involved and gear we use.

January 2004, Honolulu to Honolulu on the research vessel Kilo Moana as described by Christian Science Monitor reporter Peter Spott who went along for the ride.

Southern Ocean
The Southern Ocean Iron (Fe) Experiment, SOFeX, took place in Jan./Feb. 2002 using 3 ships in and out for ports in Christchurch, New Zealand, McMurdo Station, Antarctica and Valparaiso, Chile. An extensive cruise and project web site has been maintained by the Montery Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

“Postcards from the bottom of the Earth” is a Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution collection of emails from Ken Buesseler’s 45 day Nov/Dec. 2001 trip from Hobart, Australia to Antarctica and back on the research vessel Aurora Australis.

Arabian Sea (JGOFS)
In 1995 as part of the largest U.S. ocean carbon program to date- the U.S. Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS)- the Café Thorium found its way in and out of Oman on 4 research cruises. Tom Gidwitz, writing for Woods Hole Currents magazine, wrote a short piece about the Café Thorium and its JGOFS science program on the high seas.

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