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2005 VERTIGO Northwest Pacific "K2" Cruise- Search for Higher Particle Fluxes
July 21 - August 27, 2005
VERTIGO scientists are heading to cold and nutrient rich waters in the NW Pacific in search of a region where particle fluxes out of the surface ocean are thought to be among the world's highest. A site called "K2" has been chosen for our second major research expedition, since this is where the Japanese already maintain deep ocean sediment traps which capture sinking particles below the "twilight zone" where VERTIGO scientists will be working. At "K2" the High Latitude Time Series (HILATS) Observatory program has been in place only since 2001.

2004 VERTIGO Hawaii Cruise- Chasing Down Ocean Particles
June 20 July 11, 2004
This web site was set up so we were able to post VERTIGO cruise updates from our work on the University of Hawaii research vessel Kilo Moana and provide general information about our project. The site we went to north of the island of Oahu, is one of the most intensively studied pieces of ocean real estate. It is the location of the U.S. Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) program where for the past 16 years marine scientists have been studying the ocean and the seasonal cycles of marine plants and animals, and how they impact the chemistry of the waters they live in.
» View U.S. Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) Program Web site

January 2004 VERTIGO Hawaii Cruise- Testing new VERTIGO equipment off Hawaii
January 7-13, 2004
Honolulu to Honolulu on the research vessel Kilo Moana as described by Christian Science Monitor reporter Peter Spott who went along for the ride.
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VERTIGO has been supported primarily by the U.S. National Science Foundation in collaboration with the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre, the U.S. Department of Energy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Fund for Scientific Research - Flanders (Belgium) and other national and international sponsors.

VERTIGO Research Project
For more information, please see the VERTIGO Research Project.
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