PI:              Ken Buesseler (Chief Scientist)
 of:              Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
 dataset:         Cruise event log
 dates:           22 July 2005 to 18 August 2005 (050722-050818)
 location:        N: 47.901  S: 38.803  W: 146.321  E: 162.057
 project/cruise:  VERTIGO/RR_K2
 platform:        R/V Roger Revelle
 Added: 21 January 2006 by Cyndy Chandler (cchandler@whoi.edu), OCB CDMO
 DMO note: original version copied on 19 January 2006 from the August 2005 shipboard DVD
           and verified against the original Event Log sheets and the SIO POSITION DATA SHEETS;
           the CTD eventV, date, time, latitude and longitude are from CTD cast NMEA header lines;
           T_local (local time at study area) was computed by adjusting GMT time by +11
 Cruise track:  cruise study area map
 Daily updates:  daily journal entries contributed by cruise participants
 Explanation of sampling event/method abbreviations

 Parameter           Description                            Units

eventV unique sampling event composite YYdoY_hhmm of day of Year and time (GMT) sta station identifier integer date date sampling began (GMT) YYYYMMDD time time sampling began (GMT) hhmm T_local local time (GMT +11) hhmm lon longitude, negative denotes West decimal degrees lat latitude, negative denotes South decimal degrees ev_code event code for sampling event text_string sampling_activity sampling method description text_string name_sciLead name of person responsible for event text_string comments additional comments text_string nd indicates missing or no data