PI:              Dave Siegel 
 of:              University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
 dataset:         Niskin bottle data
 dates:           26 July 2005 to 17 August 2005 (050726-050817)
 location:        N: 47.901  S: 46.099  W: 158.680  E: 162.057
 project/cruise:  VERTIGO/RR_K2
 platform:        R/V Roger Revelle
 Added: 20 January 2006 by Cyndy Chandler (, OCB CDMO
 DMO note: eventV, date, time, latitude and longitude are from the CTD cast 
           NMEA header lines; T_local (local time at study area) was computed 
           by adjusting GMT time by +11
           As of January 2006, oxygen, fluorescence, turbidity, transmissivity
           and PAR had not yet been compared with in-situ data and should
           be used by others with caution until finalized.

           PIC sensor: voltage 0 - 5: WET Labs PIC 001 (4th build)
           POC sensor: voltage 0 - 5: WET Labs CST-DR 391 - tranmsissometer
           scattering sensor: voltage 0 - 5: Seapoint scattering sensor
 Parameter     Description                             Units

eventV unique sampling event YYyday_hhmm composite of GMT date and time sta station number alphanumeric staName name of station text string date sampling date (GMT) YYYYMMDD time sampling time (GMT) hhmm T_local local time (GMT +11) hhmm lon longitude, negative denotes West decimal degrees lat latitude, negative denotes South decimal degrees Pmax maximum pressure recorded decibars bot niskin bottle number press pressure, from CTD decibars depth depth, calculated from CTD pressure meters temp temperature, from CTD, ITS-90 degrees Celsius (from primary T0 sensor) potemp potential temperature, ITS-90 degrees Celsius (from primary T0,C0 sensors) sal salinity, from CTD, PSS-78 (PSU) dimensionless (from primary T0,C0 sensors) sigma_0 sigma-theta (potential density) kg/meter^3 (from primary T0,C0 sensors) O2_sat oxygen saturation percent O2_umol_kg oxygen, dissolved umol/kg fluor fluorescence; SeaTech 91S fluorometer voltage turb turbidity from scatterometer voltage trans transmissivity voltage PIC Particulate Inorganic Carbon as voltage measured by transmissometer PAR Photosynthetically Available Radiation voltage (or SPAR ?? see .cnv headers) nd indicates missing or no data