June 2004
Calculations on tube diameter vs collection area and NBST sample splits (PDF)
June 2004
KM0414 Event Log (Excel file)
June 2004
KM 0414 Final Daily Cruise Plan with Overview of Sampling Operations (Excel file)
July 13, 2004
KM0414 (both as PDFs): MULVFS notes MULVFS
August 2004
June data webpage:
Uncorrected CTD data and trap/drifter trajectory info from KM0414
September 15, 2004
Trap ID's and Summary (Excel file)
October 6, 2004
Mass Flux and Corrected Mass Fluxes (Excel file)
October 31, 2004
Paired MOCNESS Tows:
June 24, 2004
June 28, 2004
July 3, 2004
July 8, 2004
Caption for MOCNESS Tows
November 20, 2004
Updated VERTIGO event log, CTD and bottle files
Lamborg/Buesseler December 14, 2004 Zipped ODV support files

CTD CNVBIN and BTL Data Summary used in ODV.zip (Zipped Excel file)

Color plots of major nutrient and CTD sensor data vs. time and space (PDF file)

Deployment graphic which appears in the middle of ODV figures

Readme file regarding CTD and bottle data/plots
Bidigare June 9, 2005 Phytoplankton pigment data from sediment traps from Bidigare, with some interpretation from Buesseler/Lamborg
Buesseler June 9, 2005 Mass, C, N and Th fluxes from Buesseler gang
Buesseler June 9, 2005 Summary of some findings to date in a presentation Ken gave to Don Rice
Dehairs June 9, 2005 Dissolved and Particulate Ba measurements by Dehairs
Lamborg June 9, 2005 ICPMS and element cycling work by Lamborg
Manganini June 9, 2005 Particulate Inorganic Carbon estimates made by Steve Manganini from ICPMS data
Savoye June 9, 2005 N-15 uptake experiments by Savoye/Dehairs
Steinberg June 9, 2005 Pellet abundance and type as well as summary of MOCNESS tows by the VIMS group
Van Mooy/Casciotti June 9, 2005 Bacterial Production from Van Mooy/Casciotti
Buesseler October 5, 2005 Figures with average trap flux data ALOHA 2004 (Powerpoint)
Buesseler October 5, 2005 Average trap flux table ALOHA 2004 (Excel)