Honda June 9, 2005 CTD data from Makio Honda (Mutsu I.O.) from K2, August 2004
WOCE June 9, 2005

Temperature, Salinity and Density Information from WOCE stations near K2

Bishop September 28, 2005

MULVFS Volumes


September 28, 2005
Updated January 30, 2006

R/V Revelle July 21-August 18 Event Log
(html file)
(text file)
(Excel file)

Buesseler September 28, 2005 Final Daily Cruise Plan and Overview of Sampling Activities
Buesseler/Kunz September 28, 2005

CNV files

CTD Bottle Summaries

CTD files (unprocessed)

Buesseler/Kunz September 28, 2005

CTD location maps:

CTD 4-41

CTD 42-57

CTD 58-86

Elskens September 28, 2005 Ammonia data from CTD
Fields/Siegel September 28, 2005 Altimetry-Current Maps
Gall September 28, 2005 CTD 0-200m Summary Profiles of Sensor Data
Saitoh September 28, 2005

Satellite Images Chlorophyll

Satellite Images Sea Surface Temperature


Buesseler October 5, 2005 Figures with average trap flux data ALOHA 2004 (Powerpoint)
Buesseler October 5, 2005 Average trap flux table ALOHA 2004 (Excel)
Toru Kobari October 20, 2005 Copepod species distributions at K2 (PDF)
Boyd November 29, 2005 Size fractionated 14C primary productivity
Siegel/Kunz December 30, 2005 Updated VERTIGO event log, CTD and bottle files
Saitoh/Okamoto January 10, 2006 Bottle Chl-a data from CTD (Excel file)
Saitoh January 10, 2006 Sea surface temperature image July 29-Aug 8
Saitoh January 10, 2006 Sea surface temperature image Aug 9 - 18
Saitoh January 10, 2006 Sea surface Chlorophyll image July 29-Aug 8
Saitoh January 10, 2006 Sea surface Chlorophyll image Aug 9-18
Yao/Jiao January 17, 2006

Flow cytometry profiles (Excel file)

Flow cytometry surface survey data (Excel)

Flow cytometry surface survey map (PDF)

Silver/Coale January 17, 2006 Qualitative microscopic ID work on selected size fractionated samples (Word)
Siegel/Fields January 19, 2006 K2 particle source predictions
Buesseler/Siegel January 30, 2006

Revelle K2 CTD bottle file (html file)
(text file)
(Excel file)

Steinberg February 13, 2006 Radiolaria distribution with depth at K2 (as caught in our MOCNESS tows) (Powerpoint)
Jiao/Zhang May 1, 2006 VERTIGO Picoplankton at K2 - summary (PDF)
Andrews May 26, 2006 K2 Nutrient Data (from WHOI P. Henderson facility) & NH4 from VUB group (Excel file)
Honda May 27, 2006 Annual nutrient time-series from K2 and comparison to cruise results (PDF)
Buesseler September 13 , 2006 K2 summary bottle data (Excel file with merged CTD bottle file, sensor, nutrients, pigments, 234Th)
Buesseler September 13 , 2006 K2 trap trajectories and CTD maps (trap maps and closest CTD ID for each deployment)
Deployment 1 Deployment 2
Buesseler September 13, 2006 K2 summary pump file (Excel file with C, N, 234Th from MULVFS casts- Bishop & Trull filters)
Siegel September 27, 2006 Remote sensing images of K2 Chl and CDOM
Bidigare September 27, 2006 Summary of K2 HPLC pigment temporal changes in K2 surface waters- Powerpoint
Bidigare September 27, 2006 Summary of K2 HPLC diatom pigments vs. N:Si ratios - Powerpoint