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About the Café

Café Thorium is not really a café although we have been known to serve espresso & latte throughout the worlds major ocean basins. In fact, we are a serious scientific research team in the Department of Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Thorium is just one of many radioactive elements we measure. We analyze samples for both natural and man made radionuclides.

Simmering Projects

what a great group at our ExOIS gathering @WHOI last week. Our goal is to evaluate if adding #iron to the #ocean is an efficient and responsible approach to reducing atmospheric CO2. And if so, provide the protocols to do this. More @ExOIS_OceanIron

Can the oceans be part of our climate solution? Check out thsi article- Will stashing more CO2 in the ocean help slow climate change?
related to our work @WHOI and @whoi_cmer

A pleasure to meet Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey at the @COP28_UAE #OceanPavilion yesterday. Thank you @SenMarkey for your support of #science to tackle the #ClimateCrisis

Carbon dioxide removal will be needed to mitigate the climate crisis and the oceans will play a significant role. Mitigation strategies incl. #OceanIronFertilization will be discussed @COP28_UAE #OceanPavilion 10 Dec, 5pm by @WHOI scientist Ken Buesseler
@Cafe_Thorium @theNASEM

📢#ExOIS is using #GivingTuesday to launch its crowd funding campaign. Show your support by donating towards the mission of using science to explore #OceanIronFertilization for #CDR.

Please retweet and share to spread the word❗️

@ExOIS_OceanIron @WHOI Hoping some of you can help us broaden our support for studies of #Ocean iron fertilization by following and donating to ExOIS. We are making the case #COP28 for emissions reductions and CO2 removal, and OIF is worth exploring for #CDR

Want to know what's next for studies of ocean iron fertilization for #ocean #CO2 removal aka #CDR ? Check out the new decadal plan from Exploring Ocean Iron Solutions #ExOIS published out of @WHOI

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