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MARC XII – Conference Postponed to 2022

International Conference on Methods and Applications of Radioanalytical Chemistry (MARC)



The conference will continue the tradition set by the eleven previous MARC conferences by focusing on emerging developments in radioanalytical chemistry, with particular emphasis on new applications. These conferences have grown to become a major international forum for the field of radioanalytical chemistry. The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to, techniques such as instrumental and radiochemical activation analysis; radionuclide production; radiochemical separation methods; alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray and other nuclear spectrometries; in situ and remote sensing; radiochemical tracer methods, and mass spectrometry methods for the measurement of radionuclides. Applications of radioanalytical methods to environmental studies, environmental radioactivity including the actinide elements and radon, radioactivity in the ocean, biomedical, bioassay and clinical problems, geochemical, materials and energy sciences, nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear waste characterization, safeguards, nuclear forensics, treaty monitoring, and non-proliferation studies are some of the topics presented at previous MARC conferences.


Abstracts of research to be presented at the conference are solicited at this time. An up-to-date list of session organizers is available on the MARC XII website (see below). All abstracts must be submitted to the Program Chair as described on the web site( which also includes details on preparation and submission of 250-word abstracts using a pdf form template available on the website


Abstracts due: Late 2021 (postponed from Dec. 2020)

Notification to authors: January 2022

Preliminary program: February 2022

Draft Papers Due: At conference


Information Brochure: