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The scale of the problem – Comments on a MA Dept. of Public Health report on radioactivity in untreated waters at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

On May 19, 2023 a report was released by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Radiation Control Program (RCP) regarding testing done at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant. The plant owners, currently in the process of decommissioning, plan to discharge 1.1 million gallons of radioactive contaminated water into Cape Cod Bay as a part of the decommissioning effort. To obtain a permit for this release the regional Plymouth legislative delegation asked that samples of the water be characterized (ie find out what’s in it) prior to issuing the permit.

Based on the report linked above it is the opinion of this lab that the water needs further cleanup to remove more radionuclides prior to release. More analysis of the water is needed and more sensitive methods must be employed to detect (or not) additional radioactive elements of concern that were not covered in the MA Dept. of Health report.

View the full comments by Ken Buesseler submitted to the RCP and find more information and links to other documents about Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant on our website.

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