Cafe Thorium T-SHIRTS for Sale!!

Get your limited edition Café Thorium t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt! Available in both mens/unisex and women's styles for a reduced price until September 1st, 2019. Check out this link with Custom Ink to order - ship to our lab if you can pick it up or ship to yourself!

Men's T-Shirt: $16.33
Women's T-Shirt: $15.78
Long-Sleeved shirt: $19.52\

Back Side of Shirt Details:

Cafe Thorium World Tour 2009-2019

Antarctica - R/V Gould
Bermuda - R/V Atlantic Explorer
Norfolk, Bermuda & San Diego - GEOTRACES
Southern Ocean - RVIB N. Palmer
Lisbon to Cape Verde - R/V Knorr GEOTRACES
Woods Hole to Cape Verde - R/V Knorr GEOTRACES
Fukushima Japan - R/V Ka'imikai-o-Kanaloa
Fukushima Japan - R/V Tensei Maru
Ecuador to Tahiti - R/V Thomas Thompson GEOTRACES
Fukushima Japan - R/V Umitaka Maru
Fukushima Japan - R/V Daisan Kaiyu Maru
N. American west coast - Our Radioactive Ocean
Marshall Islands - M/V Alucia
Alaska to North Pole - USCGC Healy GEOTRACES
Tahiti to Alaska - NOAAS Ronald Brown CLIVAR
Southampton UK - RRS Discovery
Fukushima Japan - R/V Shinsei Maru
Seattle - R/V Sally Ride and Revelle EXPORTS
Alaska to Tahiti - R/V Revelle GEOTRACES