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NEW Report released on the roll of Oceans in Carbon Dioxide Removal

A NEW report has been released: A Research Strategy for Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal and Sequestration. The report, by a committee of 12 with the National Academies of Science includes Dr. Ken Buesseler and provides a path forward for research and development needed to assess the viability of ocean-based carbon dioxide removal approaches.

The report can be found here ( for download *Note purchase is NOT required but you will need to register with email to choose "free PDF Download."

More information about the committee and contacts can be found at the link below, where you can also subscribe to updates regarding this project and find a copy of the link to the PDF.

Science has also written an article about the report entitled "Panel calls for $2.5 billion in ocean geoengineering research" released on Dec. 8, 2021. Click on the title to link to this article.