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Ken named a Geochemistry Fellow by GS-EAG

Dr. Ken Buesseler has been named a Geochemistry Fellow by the Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry for his sustained and innovative contributions to the cycling of radionuclides in the ocean and their application to the study of the biological pump. This is a great honor, for which a ceremony will be held…

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NEW Report released on the roll of Oceans in Carbon Dioxide Removal

A NEW report has been released: A Research Strategy for Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal and Sequestration. The report, by a committee of 12 with the National Academies of Science includes Dr. Ken Buesseler and provides a path forward for research and development needed to assess the viability of ocean-based carbon dioxide removal approaches. The report…

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PNAS Cover Shot – Oceans capture more carbon than expected!

A new paper, “Metrics that matter for assessing the ocean biological carbon pump” published online April 6th, has landed on the COVER of the May 5th print edition of PNAS . Written by Ken Buessler, former PhD student Erin Black and collaborators Phil Boyd and David Siegle, they demonstrate that the depth of the sunlit…

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