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Dispatch 12 – What lies below? – Episode 2

Lat: 46°N Long: 161°E Air temp: 9.5° C, 49.1° F Sea temp: 10.5° C, 51° F Sky: Foggy True wind : 15 knots Waves: Flat In our earlier note “What lies below?” we pointed out that the strong near surface stratification in this corner of the North Pacific is a key aspect of the environmental…

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Dispatch 09 – What grows up doesn’t all go down

Lat: 47° Long: 161° Air temp: 11.1 °C, 52°F Sea temp: 10.34 °C, 50.6°F Sky: Foggy True wind : 16 knots Waves: 1-2 feet Here on the VERTIGO voyage, at a site north-east of Japan, we are studying the mechanisms that control the export of particles to depth. A key component of VERTIGO is to…

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Dispatch 18 – Determining Sinking Particle Collection Funnels

The sinking flux of particles in the ocean has many similarities and many important differences compared with the raining of raindrops in atmosphere. Both raindrops and sinking particles undergo transformations (combining to make larger particles, disaggregating into smaller, etc.) as they fall. Again, many of the processes creating these transformations are the same and some…

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